27th Summer Dowrah

30 June - 8 August 2021
  • Departing tentatively 25 June 2021
  • 40 days in Tareem
  • Receive a portion of the Prophetic methodology upon which Dar Al-Mustafa/Dar Az-Zahra were established
  • Visitations of the blessed land, the land of the Saints

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Application closes 3 June 2021, 3 pm.

Study Rehlah

  • Departing on tentatively 25 June 2021
  • 19 days in Tareem
  • Visit the holy land of Tareem, the land of the Saints
  • Halaqah sessions in Tareem.
  • Visitations of the blessed land, the land of the Saints

Note: While we can plan to visit these places, all ziarahs are subject to changes depending on conditions and situations.


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Application closes 3 June 2021, 3 pm.

The costs reflected are an estimation and are subject to change.


40-day Summer Dowrah*

                        (30 June 2021 – 9 August 2021)

Study Rehlah*

(25 June 2021 – 19 July 2021)

– Requires a minimum no. of pax to proceed

                                      Included in the package
Departure Date25 Jun 2021*
Extension of StayNot allowed to extend stay
Programme fees, Visa (Entry), Land TransferIncluded in package cost
Return Date19 August 202119 July 2021
Total no. of daysmore than 40 days*21 days*
ProgramsPublic & Private classes organised by DM/DZ.Public classes organised by DM/DZ. Private classes organised by DowraSG in Tareem.
Visitations (Inside & Outside Tareem)Optional at own additional expense. Organised by DM/DZ. Not included in package cost.Organised by DowraSG. Included in package cost.
CommitmentsTo be fully committed to DM/DZ & DowraSG rules & regulations.To be fully committed to DowraSG rules & regulations.
MealsProvided by DM/DZ throughout the Dowrah.Optional at own additional expense. Not included in package cost.
AccommodationSchool dormitory provided by DM/DZ during Dowrah period.Service apartment included in package cost.
CostsTotal estimated from SGD3,200* (add USD600 for English Dowrah)Total estimated from SGD4,000*
Not included in package cost
PCR Test – Depending on local destination regulationsCompulsory and negative result is required to proceed with Summer Dowrah / Study Rehlah.
Not included in package cost.
Stay Home Notice (SHN)/ Quarantine Order (QO)Depends on local destination regulations for the two-way trip.
Not included in package cost.

DM: Dar al-Mustafa
DZ: Dar az-Zahra
*: TBC

Important: If this trip is cancelled due to unforeseen Covid-19 circumstances after bookings/purchases had been made, there is no guarantee that you will get back 100% of your deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQs before submitting any queries, and/or your application

A: Large portion of the cost for the Summer Dowrah (such as accommodation) is highly subsidised by DM/DZ.

There are some participants who may be unable to commit to the full duration of the Summer Dowrah but still hopes to benefit from seeking knowledge in the holy land of Tareem. Therefore, DowraSG intends to facilitate this request by organising the Study Rehlah. Unfortunately there is no subsidy available for this option and thus costs are higher.

A: Study Rehlah participants will be allowed to attend classes in DM/DZ meant for the Public.

A: The main itinerary and intention for both programmes are planned for the purpose of heading to Tareem, Hadramawt, Yemen. Especially in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic situation around the world and for your personal safety, we will not be organising any ziyarah or spending time in Cairo, Egypt.

A: No, you are not allowed to extend your stay. If you have other plans, please inform and discuss with DowraSG on your plans and arrangements prior to registering for either programme.

A. The climate in Tareem is mostly very hot and dry. Temperatures can reach up to 50 degree celsius. Regardless, we will attempt our best in facilitating to make things as comfortable as possible for all.

Based on past experiences over the years, most of the participants were able to adapt to the climate. 

Having said that, we would still advise you to seek medical advice prior to registering for either programme if you feel you may experience any issue, especially medically-related, with such climate conditions. 

A: The Summer Dowrah is relatively intensive and most of the participants’ time will be occupied with classes, revision trips, meetings with different scholars and a standard fixed routine.

Once again, the climate conditions is very hot and may be difficult to bear, which could attribute to further hardship in coping with the programme requirements. 

Fortunately, we are happy to note that past participants were all able to rise to the challenge and reaped the fruits of their efforts, alhamdulillah. 

A: Based on past experiences and observations, several participants (especially the mature ones) have given feedback that the Summer Dowrah’s accommodation arrangements, living conditions, and the intensity of the course could be rather uncomfortable and challenging respectively. For instance, participants sleep on thin mattresses on the floor, share rooms with up to 10 or 12 other participants, share a common toilet and classes are held with participants having to sit on the floor. The variety of food provided is also limited as compared to what you may be accustomed to.

Having said that, such simplicity in daily living and intense commitment required in learning are precisely the factors which give you the opportunity to experience what the past scholars had gone through in seeking knowledge.

A: Participants are welcomed to bring their child(ren) along to the classes. Unfortunately, there are neither childcare nor baby-sitting services/ facilities available. You will need to look after your child(ren) on your own during the classes or make your own childcare arrangements to attend the classes.  

A: Internet is available, but the connections can be irregular and slow at times. The best way to keep in touch with your family would be via text messages (SMS) from your mobile phone.

We would advise you to come psychologically prepared to experience a different way of life in Tareem and to strengthen your spiritual connection with Allah swt.

Where really necessary or in times of emergency, we will do our best to facilitate access to the Internet. 

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