About DowraSG

We are volunteers

We are not a tour agency.  We volunteer to coordinate the Singaporean jemaah so that everyone can inshaAllah travel and arrive home safely as a group. Thus please understand that we will do the best we can as volunteers, inshaAllah.

Logistics Only

We only assist to coordinate your journey to and from Tareem, i.e. your flights, visas, transit vehicles, transit accomodations etc. Dar al-Mustafa (the dowra organizers) takes over the program once we arrive in Tareem.

Network of Singaporeans

Alhamdulillah we are blessed with a tight network of Singaporeans living in Tareem who have many times assisted dowra participants in the past to get the best of their experience in the land of the awliya’. They are also available as points of contact in case of any emergency.


The main volunteer for DowraSG was once a student in Tareem. He has also headed the journey to Tareem for dowra participants for the past couple of years, alhamdulillah. 

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