From Singapore to Tareem

DowraSG aims to assist Singaporeans who wish to attend the annual 40-days summer program (dowra) in Tareem, Hadhramout, Yemen. DowraSG runs on volunteers; we are not tour agents ūüôā

Summary of the Process

DowraSG will be the main contact point for Singaporeans (both Muslimin and Muslimat) who wish to attend the 27th Summer Dowra in Tareem for 2021. We will be assisting you in registration, administration and travel arrangements to and fro (Singapore РTareem) inshaAllah. Dar al-Mustafa will take over with regards to your itinerary and accommodation once we arrive in Tareem biidhnillah.

Registrations for the 27th Summer Dowra 2021 will open soon in shaa Allah. There will be a compulsory introduction briefing detailing the overall estimated itinerary and costs where all interested applicants are required to attend, followed by a 1 week confirmation period. After confirmation and payment of deposit, DowraSG will begin to apply for the necessary administration papers on behalf of all applicants, afterwhich a second compulsory briefing will be conducted to prepare applicants mentally and spiritually for the upcoming journey ahead, biidhnillah.

Please note that we will only facilitate those who attend the first briefing.

Below dates are tentative for now. Applicants who register at the contact page will be informed of confirmed dates.

  • Registrations open: TBA
  • Registrations close:¬†15 June 2021
  • Compulsory Introductory Briefing: TBA
  • Confirmation & Deposit Due: TBA
  • Second Briefing for Participants: TBA
  • Dowra Period: 30th June 2021 – 8 August 2021
  • Estimated Duration (Full Dowra): TBA
  • Estimated Duration (Ziarah only): TBA


(Updated as of 17 May 2021)



Based on the past three years’ trips, the estimated costs of the entire dowra program inclusive of flight, boarding and program (excluding personal expenses) is SGD $2700 – $3000+. Participants are advised to bring at least USD 300 for their own expenses and emergency cash on hand.

Conditions to participate in the Summer Program

  1. The participant in the Dar Al-Mustafa course must be 18 years old or above.
         The participant in the Dar Al Zahra course must 16 years old or above.
          As for the subsidiary course for boys, the participant must be 16 or 17 years old.
  2. The participant must be free from infectious diseases
  3. The participant has to attend the period specified by the admission committee
  4. The online form must be filled up on time for registration
  5. The participant has to abide by the course rules and regulations

Joined Us For The Past Years

Study: 11

Summer Dowra: 48

Visit: 11

Total: 70 pax

Study: 8

Summer Dowra: 23

Visit: 2

Total: 33 pax

Study: 12

Summer Dowra: 28

Visit: 7

Facilitate: 11

Total: 58 pax

Study: 16

Summer Dowra: 34

Visit: 3

Total: 53 pax

Study: 21

Summer Dowra: 22

Visit: 8

Facilitate: 2

Total: 53 pax

Online participation only

Coming soon

Important Notes

Open to Muslimin and Muslimat

The journey to and fro Tareem will be as a group, but during the dowra program itself, muslimin and muslimat will have separate schedules and accomodation as per arranged by Darul Mustafa.

English / Malay Translations

The entire Dowra is first and foremost conducted in the Arabic language. Depending on Darul Mustafa’s pool of volunteer teachers for the year, participants inshaAllah will have access to English and / or Malay translations. Each dowra experience differs from one to another.

Full Commitment Required

All applicants are required to commit to the entire program (i.e. travel to and fro together with the group). Travel to and from Tareem is a rather complex matter involving mahrams, visas from 2 different countries, and more than 18 hours of journey by land; it is very difficult for one person to return home by himself.
As my friends and I travelled to Oman from Egypt and not from Singapore, we surely needed to keep in contact with the volunteers throughout the process and masyaAllah they were so patient in assisting us. Their khidmah/service was amazing and you wont be left behind alone throughout the dowra insyaAllah, Allah yajzeekum alf alf alf khair!
Fathin Artini (2016)

Our dowra experience would not have been as its best if not for the extensive and generous assistance of our volunteer organisers. We are incredibly appreciative of their service to ensure that the dowra is a smooth journey for us all as much as possible. May Allah reward them infinitely as He wishes and make them a great benefit to the ummah of Rasulullah s.a.w.!

Nurzahidah (2016 & 2017)

The volunteers really gave their all before the trip and during the trip mashaAllah, going above and beyond what they needed to just to ensure that we reach there safely and get to experience as much of the dowra, and of Tareem, as possible.
Jazakumullah khayr!
Fadhilah Wahid (2016)

To Indicate Your Interest

Drop us an email using the button below with the details we require, and we will contact you when registration opens officially, inshaAllah.
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